Helpful Go Resources

The below documents are great resources for learning Go. Bookmark these links and consult them frequently as you learn the language!

  • A Tour of Go. A brief introduction to the Go programming language.
  • Effective Go. Probably the resource you’ll consult most frequently as you learn Go.
  • Go FAQ. A list of common questions and answers about the Go programming language. Another great resource for beginners.
  • Go Programming Language Specification. The reference manual for the Go programming language. Consult this document if you are confused about technical aspects of the language (i.e. syntax, scopes of variables, etc.).

Here are some additional recommended resources that are also worth reading/consulting:

+1 this blog!

Go Design Patterns is a website for developers who wish to better understand the Go programming language. The tutorials here emphasize proper code design and project maintainability.

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